day #20 - 20 things I want to learn

By Lalla Pratami - Rabu, Oktober 13, 2010

We're humans, never get enough. Even God has given you anything, you still want more. And one of the way to get more is by learning. As human, we should learn everything everyday. God gave us brain to make us curious about things, learn things, know things, and make things. And these are my 20 things I want to learn.
1. Playing flute
2. Painting
3. British accent
4. Spanish
5. Writing, writing, and writing
6. To be good cooking Italian food! :-)
7. Greek ancient history
8. Taking good photos with instant cameras (for me, it's instax)
9. Baking cakes & cookies
10. Management, so that I could manage my life (this is serious)
11. Cinematography
12. How to put everything in easy way
13. Less stalking, less curious. Because sometimes, know too much things kills me.
14. How to manage my mind and body and braveness so I wouldn't melipir/pura-pura gak liat/geter-geter norak/kaku everytime I meet him. (yang ketawa gue gampar)
15. Astronomy
16. Manage my sleeping time
17. How to not wasting my time and be creative instead
18. To be a forgetless person
19. Interior design
20. Any programming language. As an IT student, I don't really master at any programming language. I've been only fooling around and just thinking about "how to get a good score" instead of getting the knowledge itself. Poor me.

What about you?

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