Me, Musician

By Lalla Pratami - Minggu, Maret 13, 2011

Some time in your life, you'd wish you were a musician. You'd wish you'd record albums, make music videos, and have tour. In my imagination, I do that very often. I would sing an accoustic-kinda-jazzy music, only with two guitars and sometimes a piano. I would cover one The Beatles song in my album; it would be Hey, Jude or Something. I would sing 3 brokenheart songs, I wrote one of them. Two other songs were about life. Two other songs were about love that doesn't work. One other was about love that makes people happy. And the last, I would cover Chrisye's song; Badai Pasti Berlalu. The album title would be Azure, which means Blue Sky. My first single was The Beatles cover, the music video would be black and white, and you could feel emptiness when you watch it. Silly enough? That's how my imagination works.

Maybe Albert Einstein was right. He said imagination is better that reality. Because in reality, I can't even sing. I can't really make music. I don't have guts to sing in front of people.

In imagination, we could be anything we would be.
In imagination, we could live in anything you wanted to be.
In imagination, we were wild. We were perfect. We were free. We were beyond anything.
Because imagination has no boundaries.

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  1. Waduh Bahasa Englan kagak ngerti Aku....
    balik lagi ahh
    salam kenal ya...