Java Jazz Festival 2013

By Lalla Pratami - Selasa, Maret 05, 2013

Can't believe it's already Java Jazz Festival again! Even the venue is in the far far away island, but I still made it to be part of it. Well, actually it's because I should write about it XD. But anywaay, Java Jazz has became 'another' annual conference for me and of course other music lovers to see great musicians performance on many stages in just 3 days only. I came only on the 1st day, but overall get excited to see how Indonesian musicians were more appreciated we can see by its fullhouse! Congrats!

So, just in case you are not Indonesian and want to know about this music festival, Java Jazz Festival is a 3-days music festival for Jazz lovers. You can see many great jazz performances, not only from Indonesia, but also international musicians. This is absolutely a chance to see good music in 3 days, especially if you only can see music through your local tv, it's a totally refreshment. Just watch ad be part of it, you can already feel the music and enjoy this festival.

Not only because I love music, but this festival had a really warm memory for me. We can just hear, see, and feel it. :)

See you in Java Jazz Festival 2014!

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