By Lalla Pratami - Sabtu, April 27, 2013

I haven't said before that my life was bad, but this is bad. You'll find how much nightmares you've been afraid of in me.


Night can be called a night when you need a human-made to see the light. I am sitting on the porch, with Gravity song on my ear. My lips are locked. My throats deeply understanding every word this song said. Every single meaning behind it.

Gravity stay the hell away from me.

How can we describe thing as 'bad'? What the criteria--the real criteria to state it as a bad? If you think your life is bad, how can you know that it was or will be good? Isn't bad is just a word to blame for every mistake you've done? For every risk you've taken? For every chances you've left? For every word you've said?

Because what I learned, what you did reflects to what is happening now and what will happen later.
It's a karma. It's not about good nor bad. It's a life.

So what, if your life isn't what you captured before? If it's all about the risk you've taken, the chances you've left, the mistakes you've done, words you've said--how dare you blame for what you got today? Life is always good, you know. For every bad you think it is, you have to look down, see around, to feel what other might feel. To see what other can see that you can't. To understand that you don't have to underestimate your life. No, it's not bad. It's good. It's always good.

Bad is just a perspective.

Because you know, it's life anyway.
Bad or good, it's how you see it.
It's all about perspective.

Why you have to underestimate yourself if other think that you're better than that?

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