Sigur Ros, Jakarta

By Lalla Pratami - Minggu, Mei 12, 2013

Watching Sigur Ros live was such a magical experienced since the very beginning. They can really set up the mood to the maximum, with their amazing visual and beautiful music.

I might be far away from where Jonsi stood. And it's also the first time I just sat down, without busy taking pictures, but just enjoying the concert. Listen to the music. Feel the ambience. Be a part of the concert. Not want to let the concert ends. It was so magical. Wonderful. Beautiful.

I didn't understand even a word what Jonsi said. I might just know 'brosandi' and 'hoppipolla' word. By this, I think Sigur Ros has proved what music is for; to feel, to enjoy, to be grateful hearing such a good music.

I am thankful I was there.
I am grateful I had such experience to see them live.

Watching concert sometimes is a once in a life time moment you won't regret, because it's so wonderful to see and hear good music live.

And Sigur Ros concert is one of the reason why.

Another bucket list has been stroke.


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  1. I was also at this concert, but in the standing area. You guys at the seated area are incredibly lucky to have seen the white sheet sequence in the beginning from a complete perspective. Not to mention, you got to sit! Ha!

    Indeed, it was a magical evening. The sheet and the pulsating lights were among one of my favourite effects of the entire evening. It would be great to experience it once again.

    Great photos!