Wanderlust: Mumbai, India

By Lalla Pratami - Rabu, Mei 07, 2014

On last February, I had annual digital marketing workshop in Mumbai. Never thought I would go to the land of Bollywood before, until I remember I wrote that I wished I went to India and it happened.

Unlike any other trip, since it was a business trip, I had only few times to see Mumbai. I only could see very few Mumbai's corner, not to mention tried their new toll road--where across the Arabian Sea. Might remind you of Jalan Layang in Bandung though lol.

The city might remind you of Jakarta; crowded, traffic jam, and you can see bajaj in every corner of Mumbai. What I never thought before was the city was actually beautiful, somehow. Its classic Victorian buildings is the reason why it's soo beautiful. What more beautiful was.. the price in Mumbai for foods or clothes were rather cheapey! haha! Starbucks was only around 20K, and it's only about 80K for food and beverage in a popular cafe/bar. I could save some money and bought saree more.

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